Trayvon Martin Links

Since last week, I’ve been trying to organize the jumble of information about the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Writing about my students, and “The Talk” that they had had from their families helped organize some of my fears and anger. Yet, my head and heart are filled with anger, disgust, fear, hopelessness, and frustration. When I feel like that, I make lists to try to be useful.  This is be no means an exhaustive list, but it may help some people to get caught up.

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Please sign! Petition from Trayvon’s parents calling for arrest and prosecution of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Photos of Trayvon from toddler to teen.

Huffington Post collection of stories. 

The Guardian (3/21/12)

CBS News: No Confidence Vote (3/22/12)

CBS News: Twin Investigations Open (3/20/12)

Talking Points Memo: DOJ and FBI open investigations

Slate: Emily Bazelon

The Nation

Carolyn Edgar on CNN – Opinion: “Trayvon Martin, not George Zimmerman, was engaged in self-defense.”

USA TODAY (3/20/12 – with updates on 3/21/12)

Huffington Post – Trymaine Lee: “I Am Trayvon Martin” As Their Message, College Students Rally Demanding Justice”

NPR (blog 3/21/12)

NPR (blog 3/20/12)

NPR (blog 3/19/12)

A newer petition addressed to Eric Holder and Pam Biondi

The New York Times (Charles M. Blow, Op-Ed)

Huffington Post


WESH TV clip of immediate witness: “I firmly believe this was not self-defense.”

Carolyn Edgar (on her own blog)

Roland Martin Reports

The Grio – White House comments on Trayvon Martin case

BET (3/18/12)

BET commentary (Keith Boykin)

BET (3/15/12)

BET (3/16/12)


CNN (Roland Martin, included)

Mother Jones (with several updates)

The Daily Beast

Sandra Rose

Think Progress

Anderson Cooper 360 (Sunny Hostin)

ABC via CNN 

CNN (March 13th, 2012)

CNN (Trayvon’s last steps retraced – March 13th, 2012)

Rage Against the Minivan – with additional links

Mom 101